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Will You Pray for the Poor?

By: Deacon Nick Sherg, St. Martin de Porres Church, Orange, California The week of June 16, 2010 changed my life forever. Thanks to a fellow Diaconate classmate, AI Scaduto (and his lovely wife, Linda), I was invited to experience MOP. I was overcome with emotion on the first day while…

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The Joy of Serving the Poor

By: Fr. Paul McCollum, Nevada, USA The heart of the Pope expands to include everyone,’’ said   Pope Francis in his homily at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, during his recent visit to the U.S. The former nightclub bouncer    and   slum    priest treats   every encounter whether   with saint   or  sinner,  as…

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Unconditional Love

By: Eduardo Guevara, Florida, USA My name is Eduardo Guevara and my wife, two children, my sister and her daughter had the blessing of visiting with  the Missionaries of the Poor and serving the poorest in  Kingston during the Advent  Season. I was introduced to MOP through my daughter, Marilyn,…

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Ask and it shall be Given to you

By: Jennifer Salinas, Atlanta, Georgia Since December of 2013, I had this outrageous dream: to attend my first mission trip to the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP). The more I talked about it to my friends and family, the more my desire grew. My parents knew that this was what…

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I Am Your Piano Lord, You are the Pianist

These children are lovingly tended and cherished by Brothers and a few members of staff.

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Encountering CHRIST!

The Season of Advent is approaching. Are you looking for Jesus?

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The church and the poor

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